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This is one of my favorite quotes from the Harry Potter series. Any Potterheads out there? I love the mainstream quotes, I really do, because how can you not, but some of the lines in this series are so undersppreciated, and this is one of them. Being a major fan of Fred and George's relationship, this quote gives me all the feels. There is another quote in this series, that I will post at a later date, that is also overlooked, especially if you are more well-versed in the movies than the books, because this particular quote was left out of the films, as was the above quote. Anyway, I love the hope in this quote, and I think it perfectly describes what it would feel like to live with Fred and George. This quote also reminds me of people I know that have given me hope and ambition. My coach, Callen, who helped me love myself just a little bit more. My best friend, Rachel, who showed me that true love exists. My grandfather, John, who taught me that hard work, a good attitude, and kindness can get you everywhere you will ever need to go. Who are the people in your life that have showed you that the impossible is possible? Does this quote resonate with you? I love to hear your guys' thoughts, so please share!
Love this quote as well!
I love this quote!! You're so right, there are so many gems in these books that don't get all the love they deserve. :) J.K. Rowling is really so talented with this stuff - Fred and George are some of the most loveable, memorable characters out there. I really liked reading about the people who have affected your life in a similar way :) Your coach, your friend, your grandfather... that's awesome. In my life, I have to say it's my parents, and the way they've fought through life's obstacles together and stayed in love despite it all. It's really inspiring. They've also given me so much support along the way, so I grew up believing I could achieve anything I set my mind to! :)
@AlloBaber Fred and George represent so many things. The love they have for each other, the dedication they have to what is fair, the way in which they help others by bringing them joy, and so many others. That's beautiful. An example of pure and lasting love is something that everyone needs to witness, and I am so glad that yours was so present in your life!