This nigga got two girlfriends that are happy being with him. I was looking at his page and I was like "Oh he seems nice & his baby/ies are cute" but no! I got to this post & amlost reported him! like it's 2016 dude. You really think the be LGBT community & the people that support this wasn't going to see this sh*it? You don't post thing like this on the internet & think you're not going to have the LGBT community come after you dude! This is really FKing sticking to say! Thinking it's ok to say stuff like this but got the fucking nerve to openly have two FKing girlfriend! You need to try again!
You should delete him from your FB. that's not cool :(
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why even bother? acknowledging stupidity is stupidity itself. (my own opinion)
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I'm not friends with him...someone I follow posted a video of him with his two girlfriends @nicolejb
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