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I have an anime club at the college I go to. Problem is, since we are a new club were still getting use to being a club! So I would really like if you guys would give me some ideas on things we could do. Projects, games, ect; Please help! Please don't let my club die!
If some of you guys still don't know each other (because some people are shy) do some anime ice breaker! take an anime plushy and pass it around who ever has the plushy will say their name and one of their favorite anime. Then you guys start getting along more by finding the people who like the same type of anime as you
I have anime at my school too and it's awesome because obviously I love anime I have ideas and the club founders asked for ideas and I gave them this idea: have a drawing contest for everyone and whoever draws the best anime give them a prize the prize can vary from tons of things so there's my idea hope you like it:)
@AimeBolanos lol sometimes I wish this community had a plushie to pass around
@InVinsybll so everyone knows I can't cook XD
@KiraHitomi lol then just lose with dignity
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