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Hi my name is Tanya, I live in sunny Southern California, San Diego. I spend most of my time hiding out in Baja California, Mexico. I'm a very shy person that's how I got my nickname back in elementary school before I was bullied for being shy and quiet and turned into a Yankee and was expelled from 3 different high schools. I tried a special high school for troubled teens but that also ended in expulsion for fighting, I did however finish with a GED and college after, and I hold degrees in Pharmacy and Engineering. I am a mother and my kids also love Anime/Manga. This above is a very rare picture of me as I rarely smile, my daughter caught me by surprise reading Manga, the second pic is of my kids, then my youngest playing his drums that's what he does when not watching anime or playing video games. I'll add more later, ask any questions I'll be happy to answer!
awesome! welcome to the community XD
Hi. I'm too am a parent who digs anime. There are a lot of us here.