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The Last of Us is truly one of the greatest games of the past console generation, there's no denying that. And one of the other great games of that generation is Grand Theft Auto V. It gave us a virtual representation of Los Angeles in what they called Los Santos. Driving around in GTA V and seeing a bunch of LA landmarks was probably one of my favorite things.
But it never occurred to me that someone would want to put the two games together in a weird post-apocalyptic mash-up. An open world game turned messy after a world changing event isn't something that's new (Fallout comes to mind) but there's something extremely satisfying about seeing Los Santos through the lens of The Last of Us.
The narrative structure of The Last of Us has you traveling all across the United States. There are places in the midwest and the east that you see and experience even if it's just in small contained spaces. But if you were wondering what Los Angeles -- via Los Santos -- would look like after the Cordyceps virus, then this mod will answer that question.
Other than the visual overhaul of the city, I'm not sure what else is involved in the mod. Maybe you can mix it together with one of the many zombie mods that people have made. Or you can just explore the whole city on foot without worrying about getting killed or mauled by a crazy zombie thing.
I've got to say though, there's something strangely beautiful about seeing a world taken over by vegetation. It's easy to forget that a lot goes into the maintenance of large cities so things like this don't happen. It also makes me wish I had GTA V on PC so I could walk around the abandoned city for myself.