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Rap Monster on point! He is my best friends bias wrecker...hahaha I am not sorry. Am I the only one that wants to see BTS act in dramas? how awesome would that be?
For real it would be my wish come true if they become actors just like some idols!!! Omo! THE FEELS
Bubble butt killing ladies all around with his smile (jijiji I call jimin bubble I the only one?)
Two extra! Somehow Kookie looks the most angelic I've ever seen in this pic. And then there is curious V looking at you the gorgeous girl walking in the park.
Tagging some of you beautiful kookies @VKookie47@ZinZin123@MelissaGarza@DestinaByrd@daljiyong@merryjayne13@LenaBlackRose@funfunbunbum@Maddie27@a514girl98@DustanCarpenter@CristinReynolds@TiffanyBibian@jojojordy2324@externallyeli@Jaiipanda@mrsdarkmiracle@MrsJungHoseok@staceyholley@Gianlica@MorganElisabeth@ruthmilian@AdiaJasinski@anarose@DestineeLiu@sosoaloraine23@mikaylabledsoe@YeseniaF@SarahVanDorn@JaxomB@Tamaki1618@AaliyahNewbell@kpopandkimchi@Helixx@SarahHm11@AviKim@Yongsomgmi@ashleyemmert@CindyHolguin@JuanitaBooRiv@KaeliShearer@anahiml11@VatcheeAfandi99@CassidyRoush@JustinaNguyen@SarangRavi@LaurenStrayhorn@Megano@Katiems@ArCrow@thePinkPrincess@reyestiny93@zhac16@PriyaVang@baileykayleen Let me know of you want to be added or removed from the tag. I really don't like to be annoying to you. I'm here to make friends!!So I love you !! Uh and while your at it!! check out my other cards if you haven't seen OK jijiji. Love you
Theses are amazing. I wish i was talented 馃檶馃槀
Thanks so much for the tag @BelencitaGarcia馃榿 These pics are amazing馃槅 The namjoon ones are seriously killing me馃挒
HOLY CRAP these are gorgeous!!! I love that first rapmon one so much... it's crazy good O.O
so beautiful
So beautiful.
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