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The Raiders and Texans are ready to play a game outside of America in 2016.
The Texans are expected to play a regular-season game against the Oakland Raiders in Mexico City next season, a source said.
It would mark the NFL's first International Series game outside London and the first game in Mexico City since 2005, when a crowd of 103,467 attended a Cardinals-49ers regular-season game at Estadio Azteca.
The Texans have long touted their Mexican fan base, an area the NFL wants to expand to. I wouldn't be surprised to see Mexico City, like London, be an area that many NFL teams will host games at in the next decade.

Do you think we will see an NFL team in Mexico City in the next decade?

Ahhh well that's going to take a lot of planning because let's face it...the London and Berlin team would have to travel so much for away games. Mexico City sounds pretty solid to me.
I want to see the NFL expand. Give Mexico city, London, and Berlin (Germany) a team. Then allow St.Louis to have a team back since the rams shouldnt have left and that would increase the league to 36 and then you can have 6 divisions of 6. London, Berlin, Patriots, Miami, NY Jets, and Buffalo in the AFC EAST. Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Tennessee, and Jacksonville in the AFC CENTRAL Denver, San Diego, Kansas City, Oakland, Houston, and Indianapolis in the AFC WEST Philadelphia, Washington, NY Giants, Dallas, Carolina, and Atlanta in the NFC East Green Bay, Chicago, Minnisota, Detroit, New Orleans, Tampa Bay in the NFC Central. and finally; Arizona, Seattle, L.A., San Francisco, NEW S.T. Louis, Mexico City.
@mchlyang no more than the west coast teams. They would play their divison games, 8 games a year. Then they would have 2 games from within their conference which at least 2 of the 3 years would be semi close, and then finally 6 games in the nfc conference for 20 week season. Take away 2 games from the preseason and you would only be extending the season by 2 weeks for a 19 week regular season. Then while their at it they should give a 7th seed a playoff spot by allowing them to play against the 2nd seed and therefore giving the 1st and 2nd seeds something to gight for.
OR......add 8 new teams. Berlin, London, Mexico city, St.louis and 4 others (Las vegas, San Antonio, and two other cities. There are PLENTY of cities that could sustain a team.)
I don't know about having a team there permanently but It's a great opportunity to expand the NFL's fan base.