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Day 2 of 29 days of Marvel.
I've been thinking about this one since I first read the card. there's a ton of fights I would like to see, so I kinda cheated and made it WWE tag team bout. these two
VS these two...
who do I think would win? who knows?! but I think I would enjoy seeing this one behind some bulletproof glass. SHOTS FIRED.
Aw jeez. I think my money's on team 2 but don't hold me to it XD
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yeah deathstroke is enhanced with super strength and super durability and healing. while deathblow can heal and since coming to DC regenerate whole parts of himself.
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but punisher is one of the original bad ass military anti-hero in comics and bloodshot is was one of my favorite characters. I'm biased a little so I couldn't decide
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