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Another week of hunting... LET'S GO!
1. Pic of favorite official MADE artwork, single, promo, or poster.
So there's Korean folklore that it looks like there is a rabbit on the moon pounding rice to make rice cakes. G-Dragon said that's what he used as their video concept which is why they are playing on the moon and being fed rice cakes. 찹쌀떡 is also Korean slang for sex so go figure. I guess he was trying to explain it in a way to make it less naughty.
2. Weirdest T.O.P instagram post.
I get that he likes chairs and art and architecture and wine and food but this was weird for me. I felt that maybe the artist wasn't quite done.
3. Pic/video/gif of a BigBang member playing an instrument.
I tried to find pics and the less obvious choices and of course, Dirty Cash.
4. Clip or full episode of BigBang TV with English subtitles.
This is from March, 2011. Can you believe they still lived in the dorm?
5. Seungri on a boat.
The Always MV immediately came to mind and I included it for your viewing pleasure. Did you ever see the concert where they brought a boat onstage to sing this?
6. Video/gif or 3 pics of MNet MPD with BigBang.
7. Taeyang fan art.
These are really cute. In the first one, the artist even included G-Dragon from his shirt! You should really check out more of his/her stuff. The second is so simple, yet you know it's them. The third is when they were in Paris.
8. What is Hwangtaeji? Include a video/gif and explanation.
Hwangtaeji is the little group formed by Kwang Hee, Taeyang, and G-Dragon on Infinite Challenge. I included the performance of their song 맙소사.
9. What is my favorite thing about Daesung and why?
He makes me laugh and that's pretty hard to do. When I watch him in interviews, he actually makes me laugh out loud. He also has a phenomenal singing voice that makes you feel things.
He also tries to keep his bright and bubbly spirit no matter what because that is his public persona. His mom once said that he always tries to smile no matter what is going on or what is happening to him.
Pic 1 is a shot from their Welcoming Collection being released in March.
Video 1 is his safe returning home service from the V app. It was 2am, everyone was asleep, I had just gotten in from the airport, and watched the whole thing in one sitting because I was laughing so much.
Video 2 is my favorite version of Baby Don't Cry from their Big Show concert.
Video 3 is Fantastic Baby on Inkigayo. Fast forward to about 2:53 and you'll see his sneaky eye looking at the camera before he belts it out and blows me away.
10. Pic for favorite G-Dragon hairstyle and why.
Ok, here we go. I'm sure no one is going to agree with me here because it seems like everyone loves his crazy colors and styles, but I like when his hair is black or dark brown; a classy cool Korean guy instead of Heh? It's cool looking when it hangs in his forehead like pic 1 which is a little messy and in the face or the other 2 when it's off his forehead. I picked #2 for @helixx - he looks like he's inviting you in (Haha).
11. Pic/vid of kids cosplaying as BigBang. In the third pic, I forgot which actress it was, but her son looooved Taeyang which is why he has his hair and dressed like him. So cute.
Extra Credit.
12. Tell you something you don't know about BigBang.
If I know something about BigBang, it's probably more than likely that you would know it too...
Well, this isn't necessarily about them, but G-Dragon and Taeyang once received letters from 2 Americans that had their blood on it. It was in an article for sasaeng fans. There are also sasaeng taxis who specifically will park behind idols' vans after concerts and people will pay for them to follow the idol. Once sasaeng fans surrounded BigBang's van with their cars and refused to move until they came out and took pictures with them.
G-Dragon also had to write a post asking fans not to come to his house because they were scaring his family and jumping out of bushes and stuff by the front door (they got past the front security gate), so G-Dragon's sister was afraid to come home. Seungri also got into a car accident and was injured because a fan hit his bodyguard's car which hit the car he was in.
13. What am I eating?
It's called Dorayaki. It's from the Japanese grocery store and it's a soft bread/cake-like bun filled with red bean. It's pretty damn tasty.
14. That pic reminds you of BigBang from their MADE series A booklet. I suppose. Well, that's the first thing I thought of esp. T.O.P's. Or when you get really mad, that's the face you want to make?
I posted this a few days ago and I've been racking my brains trying to figure out why your picture was so familiar to me and then it hit me. I doubt this is what it reminds you of, but in addition to BB's A booklet...
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I finally had time to watch the BIGBANG TV episode!