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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar really dislikes Dirk Nowitzki basketball skillset.
During an appearance this week, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar said that Dirk Nowitzki would have gotten more credit for his career if he wasn't a "one-trick pony,"
"You asked about Dirk Nowitzki," Abdul-Jabbar said. "Dirk Nowitzki's shot is very hard to block, but I don't think that he was able to have a dominant career because he couldn't do other things. If he could have shot like that and rebounded and played defense and blocked shots, then he would have been all-around, and he would have gotten more credit. He was like a one-trick pony.
"You want guys that can shoot like that on your team. I'm not saying that he lacked value, but he would have been considered at a higher level if he had done more on the court other than just shoot the ball."
Dirk caught wind of the comments, and respectfully disagreed with the Hall of Famer.
"I don't think you can average 25 and 10 over your playoff career and not be dominant. I don't think you can get to sixth in scoring in this league over 18 years and not be at some point at least somewhat dominant."
With Nowitzki as the face of the franchise, the Mavs had 11 consecutive 50-win seasons. Throughout the course of his career, Dirk has continually grown as a basketball player and made the Mavericks a threat to go all the way for the past decade.

Is Dirk Nowitzki A "One-Trick" Pony?

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I mean the fact that Abdul-Jabbar said...but once again, I respect Dirk and I think it's fair to say he's one of the most dominant players in the league and if I were a coach, I would love to have a player like Dirk on my team.