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It's a bloody mess in the actual way. Not like the British way, but the trailer is extremely bloody and all the character designs are pretty terrifying. But not in that jump scare way. Okay, maybe they are kind of scary in the jump scare way but at no moment in time does this trailer make me feel like the player character should run away.
It's definitely a "let's get in there and shoot some demons don't be scared you have a giant gun probably" type of game and I haven't played one of those in a long time (or ever). I honestly found myself a little bit surprised at my wants and needs after I watched this trailer because I suddenly found myself anticipating this game even if it's a gory mess of a game.
You can check out the trailer below but be warned, it's super violent.
I've been sitting here staring this blank block for a while now because I can't really find the right words to describe what this game is like. I'm going to try to in a weird way, so bear with me here.
Have you ever turned on the Classic Rock radio station in your hometown and some band comes on with heavy guitar riffs and high-pitched yipping vocals. Sort of like Iron Maiden but not as good as Maiden so you're kind of like, "why the hell are these people copying Maiden, bro". But on your drive home, you realize that you don't really know how to describe the genre of music because it's not good but it isn't that terrible either.
And when you walk into your apartment and realize there's only one term for this kind of rock music and it's "Butt Rock". It's in your face and you know they know they aren't that good but they're having fun because, you know, double bass pedal, guitar solos, and bass lines bro. But it's just like that weird, I hate myself for enjoying this because it's getting me pumped as hell.

That's what Doom is. That's what this trailer did to me.

Doom will be available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC on Friday May 13th (ooooh spoopy) 2016.

What did you guys think of the trailer (if you watched it)? If you didn't watch it, have you ever listened to Butt Rock before? Did you enjoy it? Also, how's the family doing? They alright? Tell 'em I said hey.
you're right @paulisadroid it is hard to feel scared when ya got the BFG 9000 in yer hands lol I been playing these since the original shareware versions and I still enjoy em. that being said Doom 3 wasn't as fun or hectic but judging from the trailer this one looks like it may be trying to go back to its roots a bit. I still want to try it 馃樇馃樇馃樇
I think I need to change my undies now. that trailer is everything I want in a Doom remake. none of the weird creeping around and jumpscares of 3 (or that weird game where you cut the limbs off of space aliens even though you're some kind of engineer). Doom should be about stupid, over the top, gratuitous space violence. and that's what we saw here. stoked.
I love everything about this and I can't wait to play it.
holy hell batman..literally. that was gratuitous and beautifully violent. I'm pretty sure had I been a paficist, all I would have said at the end would have been "someone get me a gun, I want to blow some shit up." well, gimme that game because I want to blow some shit up, and by shit I mean demons. how smooth were those transitions from kill to kill!? like Gah damn
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