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I'm really not altogether too sure why I keep reading Bleach, but alas, I do. Anyway, this latest chapter gave a couple moments where I was actually stoked to still be reading.
One of them was the last page, seeing Chad being a f*ckin boss. Ready to take down all these giant statue things in order to do his part for the team, Chad is a truly loyal friend to Ichigo, and always has been.
This was the other moment I really liked. This whole time we've been worrying about whether Ishida has gone over to the Quincy side completely or whether he has something else up his sleeve. In Chapter 660 we found out he has been working as a double agent.
In this chapter we see him and Ichigo speaking regularly again, and Ishida giving Ichigo this small reassurance is an awesome return to their dynamic.
Bleach is awesome
@DoctorDouble yeah. for a while it was on hiatus but it's still going. I'm honestly hoping this is the last arc. Bleach needs to end.
thank you for posting this it's a great card and I really needed the spoiler alert.
Everyone better start putting that card first or I'm gonna freak the fuck out thank you for doing that you are an amazing and considerate person
I don't care it a spoiler I just need a dose of Bleach
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