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lately I can't help but look at V and my heart *holds chest* hurts in a good way. when ever I see him smile I can't help but smile. when he acts weird I can help and say "That's Taehyung for you."
V isn't the only one. Jungkook.....there are no words to explain on what he does. I'm sure you all know what that is.
Suga I think would be a best friend to me and would listen when I have a troubled mind. In a lot of ways he and I are the same.
JHOPE has that smile that is really contagious that you can't help but smile with him. when he posts a selca you know he is making his cute weird noises like he always does. can't help but love his cute weirdness. He is very unique in his own way. I think that's what I really like about him.
...Jimin....He really shakes up my Heart when he sings. When I watched Perfect Man I couldn't help myself falling for him. He even has that smile that says that he could be up to no good.
Jin eomma......I love on how he cares for the members. I know every says that about him but it's true. another thing that I like about him is that he has really improved in his dancing. so proud of him.
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*Dies* 😵😵😵