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Top 3 favorite anime girlies!!❤️👌

3- Sakura Haruno. Anime- Naruto. Some people think Sakura is useless. Well, she kinda is through the actual Naruto series, but, when it comes to most of Shippuden and the war, she was badass! Plus, she gives me a good laugh when I really need it! I love Sakura and how determined she is throughout the series.❤️
2- Ino Yamanaka. Anime- Naruto. I know people might think she's useless or nothing or does absolutely nothing to help Naruto progress, but I think she is a big part and Naruto would honestly be pretty boring without the whole rivalry between her and Sakura Haruno throughout the series.❤️😍
1- Lucy Heartfilia. Anime- Fairy Tail. People also say Lucy is useless...i mean, how?? She is always there for her friends, she is very useful with her celestial ability, she is strong, she is determined, she is adorable AND she makes the perfect match for Natsu! I mean, how is that useless? Anyways, I absolutely love Lucy and everything about her. 😍👌
There you go guys! I know it's been sometime that I've actually posted my own card but I'm still here! Trust me!!❤️✌️ tagging- @NikolasSatterwh @Shannon15