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If you're new around here, the Hulk has been giving out relationship advice for a little while now. And he's here again to share his wisdom. So share your questions below and the Hulk will answer them on Monday!
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@2Distracted I know, I should be ashamed...but it was funny watching @InPlainSight lick the Loki's馃樇馃樇馃樇
Hulk!! What are some good places to find cuties? ;)
Hulk! I thank you for the brilliant advice from last time, that is all.馃構
@Beeplzzz the Hulk is glad he could help ^_^
Hey hulk I've been tlking to this girl autumn and she's really cool I think she could be the one lol but she's online Thts the problem I asked her on a date and she was tlking to another girl before me at Tht time so I told her Tht she's so awesome I would really wait for her and the more I said it made her happier and I just keep always complimenting her lol she is so awesome I love her personality and everything about her so just yesterday i told her "brb" she says "ok" and I swear it was like 20mins I sent her a message saying "hey" and she didn't respond so I sent "ugh" and like the nxt 10mins later someone sent me a message from her phone saying Tht she got a message Tht completely broke her down so she wasn't gonna be tlking for a few days and I wanted to ask so many questions about what happened but I didn't want to irritate the person so I just said to tell her "I'll always be here for her" and the person said "ok I will tell her" and I just feel so bad cause I could have been there at the time Tht situation happened but I wasn't I just went to go listen to music and I just really feel bad about