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The next day comes to slowly for me. I didn't sleep a wink last night, instead I kept going through the very few outfits that I brought with me trying to decide what to wear. The sun was peeking through the clouds by the time I finally decided what to wear.(outfit in pic) I set my alarm for 10am and laid down to take a quick nap. The alarm blares through the hotel room waking me up. I jump in the shower, throw on my clothes, pull my hair back into a bun leaving a piece of hair to dangle across the side of my face. After a quick glance in the mirror I add a tiny bit of makeup even though I very rarely put any on and run out the door. I arrive at the coffee shop a whole hour before 12 my nerves a wreck. I order a croissant and a caramel latte and sit and wait. I dig into the late breakfast and smile at how good the food is here. I wonder if GD comes here often as I finish off my drink. Boredom quickly takes over so I get up and walk around the shop. A huge smile spreads across my face as I come across a beautiful grand piano. I let my fingers slide across the cool glass as I walk around to the keys. I sit in the stool and begin to play a small tune just to see if it piano is playable or just for show. To my surprise it plays perfectly. "I can't believe a coffee shop has a working piano," I whisper to myself. Glancing at the clock on the wall I decide that I have just enough time to play one quick song. Evanescence's Hello fills the air as I gently touch the keys. I lose myself in the music and end up playing it twice singing alone the second time. When I'm done with the second one I sit back with a grin feeling satisfied with my performance. I have never thought that my voice was bad just not good enough to be a professional singer and my piano skills are just for fun. "Wow, I didn't see that coming," a voice that I would know anywhere dances through the air. I spin around to see Ji Yong sitting at a table next to me sipping his coffee smiling. My breath catches in my throat as his beautiful smile fills my sight. "How... how long have you been there," I ask my face turning bright red at the thought of him listening to me sing. Even though I don't think my voice is bad everyone in my family has always made fun of me for singing all the time. "Long enough to know that there is more to you than I first thought," he says putting his cup on the table and walking up to me."I think that I am going to enjoy this meeting." He takes my hand and leads me back to the table where his coffee waits. I sit down and try my best not to stare at his perfect face. "So," he says a grin forming on his face, "How long have you been here?" That's all it took to break the ice and get me to loosen up. 'This won't be so bad. He is actually really nice,' I think to myself. A laugh and tell him when I got here and smile at the look of shock on his face. Then for the next 4 hours we just sit and talk to each other. We talk about our hobbies, our likes and dislikes, our birthdays, and the music we both like. Ji Yong's phone goes off in my pocket making me jump in surprise. I laugh realizing that we haven't even gave each other our phones back. I pull his phone from my pocket and say,"Here it's for you." He laughs and takes the phone from me and answers I listen to him as he has a short conversation in Korean. He hangs up and sighs,"I have to go Drea. I really had fun here, I wasn't expecting you to be so cool. Well I have your number you have mine we WILL talk again soon." He stands to leave. "Ji wait," I call out starting after him. He turns towards me curiosity all over his face. "I'm going to need my phone if you want to call or text," I say barely holding in my laugh. "Oh yeah," He say blushing slightly while pulling my phone out of his pocket. "How much longer are you going to be in Korea? I would like to do this again. before you leave." "I leave Saturday," I respond the smile on my face fading just a little, "I'm going to your concert tomorrow though. Other than that I have no big plans unless you count buying all the Big Bang, and BTS cds I can afford." "Then we can hang out after the concert and I can show you plenty of good place to buy my cds at. But I also want to spend the rest of the week with you too as long as nothing pops up in my schedule. Is that okay with you?" GD asks while walking with me towards the exit. "That sounds perfect to me. I wouldn't miss it for the world," I answer. I am so jumping up and down with joy and excitement in my mind right now. "Good then I will see you tomorrow," Ji says sending me a small wave as he turns the opposite direction I have to walk. I stand there and watch him walk away until I can't see him anymore and then turn to go back to my hotel. I can hardly believe it somehow GD and I are hanging out. I silently thank God for the crazy lady I was running from. If it hadn't been for her I wouldn't have ran into him and would have never got this opportunity. With a smile I walk into my hotel 'I can't wait until tomorrow,' I think over and over again as I walk up to my room.
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tag me in future chapters plz and thank you
I just read both chapters and I love it! Is part 3 out yet, or still in progress? ☺
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