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I was re-watching some 30 Rock last night and thinking about how awesome and relatable Tina Fey is. Seriously though, Liz Lemon one of those characters that is totally herself, and totally cool with it.
And she WORKS being single. So, here's Tina Fey being awesome and reminding us all that is actually awesome to be single and loving it.
Same goes to all the dudes on Vingle! You don't women either, not when we have each other ❤️
Where in the rule book of the world does it say that being single makes you less capable? Shoutout to all my relatives who have been overly concern about my relationship status, but never concerned about my work or my emotional well-being!
I've had more cheese-dates (aka dates with cheese) than I've had real dates. And cheese is always there for you. ALWAYS.
For real though. Who said that we need to get married to be happy? Can we just marry ourselves then?

Single people out there...can I get an AMEN?!

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AMEN! I vow to stay single for the rest of my life!!!!
Wow that's amazing @MaggieHolm!! Just because you feel it's best for you?
@nicolejb yep pretty much!
That's awesome though! good for you! @MaggieHolm