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She's an amazing character- but you won't know it from the movies.

We all know I'm a bit biased when it comes to my favorite characters, but I know I'm not alone on this one. Storm is an incredibly beloved character, and the movies haven't really reflected that. She doesn't get many lines if she's there at all.

She's got some sweet moves.

I just wish she had a bigger stake in the plot. She's powerful, brilliant, and she's got an amazing story. I've enjoyed seeing so much of Wolverine and Mystique but it feels like it's come at the expense of the rest of the cast.
@shannonl5 Here's my thing. When I think of Storm, I think confident, fierce, a leader, regal, commands attention. That's not what I get from Halle.
One issue is Halle Berry. She was the worst possible choice for Storm. The second is that Hugh Jackman killed it as Wolverine. So much that he became the main character through all the movies. Third, the writing in general. To be fair, Cyclops got the shaft as well. That's why Halle Berry left and did Catwoman. She knows how strong, and central, of a character Storm is, and that's not the role she got. Even if Storm was given the same attention as Wolverine, I don't think that Halle Berry would have made it work.
@LadyLuna ah yes I see what you mean. I thought she did okay though. I wonder, if they had another movie with storm, who would play her if Halle Berry was replaced
@LadyLuna you didn't like Halle berry playing her?
Where is the love? She is one of my favorites.
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