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This crossover is kind of epic.

For those of you who are forever inspired by magical girls: This fanartist has clearly been reading all of our minds. (Fanart by jei-shepard) Who else can imagine Serena encouraging us to buy war bonds for our best guy's gun?
Or Mars sassing Pietro? (*sob*)
Raise your hand if you agree that Sailor Jupiter is worthy of Thor's hammer.
As the brainy one, Sailor Mercury is definitely the most capable of building an Iron Man suit. She was always the responsible one in the anime, but other than that seems like a perfect fit!
Who knew Black Widow was all about love and justice?

@ the universe: please make this happen

Who's with me on this?
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yes yes to everything in this card :) 馃槅
I'd watch it or read it, whatever. Just give it to us!
Wait! Does that mean Luna is Fury? Or Tuxedo Mask is Bucky?
it's so true, marvel sailormoon!
@LadyLuna ooo those are both good options