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This is a personal heart attack for my sister from another mister @ElleHolley. You know I love you right? Any way these are the reactions I imagine you would get if Rap Monster was your boyfriend.
Rap Monster is your boyfriend and he cant help but let everyone know!
He thinks of you often when he is away from you. Its not always innocent...
Unless they are talking about you he doesn't really listen to the other members' conversations.
You are the only person he can be silly with, with everyone else he has to be the leader of BTS.
Finally THE DAY comes. He wants to be really romantic, but you catch him off guard and sneak into his room.
He wasn't expecting you to come to him, but he's down.
He tells you to be quiet so the other members don't hear you. That never works.
Afterwards while you sleep, he lays awake looking at you and thanking his lucky stars to have such a wonderful girlfriend.
When you wake up he is in the kitchen as always waiting for you. As you walk by him to the fridge he can't help but think of the night you two had together.
And you can't help it either. After all you love this little dork.
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please tag me in future ones...especially if it's RapMon
2 years agoReply
@Inspiritbaby17 you got it
2 years agoReply
Oh my gosh oh my gosh I haven't even read this yet or even looked at the card. I just saw the gif at the top and I don't think my heart is beating am I alive rn? I love him I'll read it now
2 years agoReply
@inuyashagal lol the fangirl feels
2 years agoReply
@stacyneroland she killed me with this one
2 years agoReply