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Let's admit it, we all enjoy a genuine compliment.

Whether it be from someone we know or someone we don't know, saying the right thing can make anyones day. Most compliments stem from physical attraction, but there are so many other things you can tell a person to put a smile on their face besides telling them about their appearance. As much as we love to hear someone tell us how handsome or beautiful we may look, it's definitely endearing to hear words of affirmation and encouragement as well.
A little bit of positivity can go a long way, believe it or not. To the world looks are everything, but at the end of the day -- there's so much more to be complimented. Curious as to what else could be as amazing as someones beauty? Keep scrolling to see some compliments that have absolutely nothing to do with your appearance.

What's the best compliment you've ever received that didn't have to do with your looks?

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winning employee of the year this year for always being a team player...but the most recent one was You are so helpful with a positive attitude
Agreed @shannonl5 @jordanhamilton, I think compliments on looks can come off as not always sincere, while when you dig a little deeper and compliment my smarts or my niceness, I'm more confident you mean it :)
Honestly I really prefer compliments that have nothing to do with the way I look. I dressed myself, trust me I know haha. But something like "your story was really clever/moving/well-crafted" is always welcome (if it's about something I wrote). I've gotten comments on fiction I've written begging for the next bit which is always an ego booster :D
Nothing wrong with that! more people need to hear the truth and sometimes, the truth happens to hurt. but there's also nothing wrong with filtering at times as well. balance is always good @InPlainSight
@jordanhamilton When I open my mouth and tell people what I think, I often get called brave. LMAO
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