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My friend has been seeing this guy for a while now, from my understanding, they get along really well. Similar personalities and senses of humor...the one issue? They don't have a lot of interests in common.
The Superbowl is coming up, and my friend has plans to meet this guy and watch the game. The problem? She doesn't know anything about football!
So her question to me was essentially --

How do I make something fun out of this? How do we spend these days doing things that the other person enjoys, but you don't?

Any tips or tricks for my friend would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks friends!
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The good thing is that it's the Super Bowl. If it's a Super Bowl party, then she doesn't really have to know anything. I have a friend who throws Super Bowl parties, and she know absolutely nothing about football. So she can still have fun. Plus she's there with him, and I'm assuming other people. So she can always ask what is going on and what the rules are. In general, you're not always going to meet someone with the same interests. So what's important is that both people are willing to explore each others interests. Then maybe in the process, discover some new ones they may enjoy.
@thepervysage has the right idea if it's a super bowl party she really doesn't need to understand it nevertheless when in doubt she can ask for guidance in football (also side note it's not that hard to understand football it basically bringing the football from one side to another with in a certain amount of time(downs) just ignore the stats and your good but in case use Google for some extra help)
well from my experience I actually learned to love his interests and same with him. he learned to enjoy some of mine. It just took some time to get used to the idea of it. but if you try it out and still don't enjoy it maybe have another activity with some of your friends while he's enjoying the game.
@stayposi yeah, she's a musician too so maybe she can do a pay-back date and teach him how to play a musical instrument ;) @ThePervySage @TomasOlivares totally! and she can also enjoy being around other people and eating the yummy food too.
I think you are so right there @AprilGuillemard :) just trying out something new and fun is exciting in itself anyway!