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Anime Recommendation!
ANIME: Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai Genres: Harem, Ecchi, Supernatural, Romance, comedy Hey Vingle community! I'm back with another anime recommendation! Just like my last post, I found this one to be very funny and mostly bright sided. A group that's good hates There is some drama but overall it was a good watch and left me wanting more! Once again I'm leaving this short and spoiler free! **There "might" be some scenes that could be "inappropriate" for some audience's!** ---> @hikaymm I have a warning xD
Characters ^^ (There are more in the show) My favorite is number 6 xD only because she's shy @BlackoutZJ you'll like her too xD
Some gifs to give you an idea ^^ (They have like no gifs online lol)
aaannnddd lastly i like to leave something "funny" at the end. Enjoy the rest of your day! All Vingle members are the best! Some tags: @animelover24662 @invinsybll @JoseMier @tbell2 @AkuheiSama @ArticFox95 @MalcolmAllen @BlackoutZJ @qveenknip @arnelli @JayEstrella @SimoneSanders @Shinoa143 @AmeliaMorgan @nicolejb @NeckoNecko @Nellthearrow @MiyukiKawaii @JennyPahua @RachaelMacy @marshalledgar @BelleofRay @GeraldIngraham @AlloBaber @PhillipObryant Sorry if i missed anyone or if you don't like being tagged /.\
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@AkuheiSama @charlesnash Here y'all go! "Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai"
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@Alcides13 Thanks ^_^
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@AkuheiSama No problem! you can see the title now right? ☺
2 years ago·Reply
@Alcides13 I can see it now. :D
2 years ago·Reply
@AkuheiSama awesome! :)
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