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A very good friend from my a cappella days just sent me the most magical Disney medley. And I just about cried because of how beautiful it is.

Besides it sounding awesome, here are some more reasons why I love it.

1. It's all A cappella. Duh.
2. The couple singing the duet is actually dating. They are seriously a perfect disney couple. No really.
3. The Sopranos. MY GOD THE SOPRANOS.

Please tell me someone else out there is also obsessed?

Dude my sister was JUST telling me about this today!!!
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Go The Distance makes me cry every time and they sung it SO BEAUTIFULLY oh the tears send help
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@felicityautumn but it's SO GOOD. 馃槃 your sister has good taste in music!
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I listened to this once it was released bland I love it!!! I teared up hahah
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I cried too @tbell2 I think it's the background vocals that make it so much powerful!
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