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Kim Minseok / Xiumin /Bao Zi (little bun  Born: March 26, 1990 This oppa grew up o.o and he grew on me as well.... I mean I didn't well it's not that I didn't like him he just wasn't one of my bias'
but now I bias all of EXO pretty much aha
For those that didn't bias him before can understand me And now I mean.... ehe oppa hiiiiiiiii
And I mean he has his effects on me like when he acts cute
And then sexy...
I'm fab B****!!
What are you doing?
I'm dead
Lol I hope you guys liked my little dumpling oppa ^^ I know I did

Doing a card on EXO what is live tomorrow ^^

My peeps

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@MissyKim ugh me too forever biasing all of Exo and all of BTS and all of got7
2 years ago·Reply
lol and BAP for me @ashleyemmert
2 years ago·Reply
Honestly, I can't pick a member of exo. All the boo's. :3
2 years ago·Reply
When I saw him on YouTube videos, I never really thought he would just completely wreck my entire list like why oppa WHY
2 years ago·Reply