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As you two were holding hands, looking into each other eyes, He scoots his body really close to yours, making your bodies coming into contact. As he pushes himself towards you, You push back. He turns his head to his left, looks at you, As he smiles as he blushes. He sees you putting your hand over your mouth as you giggle shyly. He grabs your hand as he says,
"Hey! Stop that..." He says loudly. You look at him with a concerning face.
"Stop what?" You asked.
"Stop being so cute! I'm literally gonna die in cuteness, like a sea full of puppies and a sky full of unicorns but you just murdered me..." He described as he smiles cutely.
You blush as you look away from his face, He puts his hand under your chin, forcing you to turn your head, He tilts your head to the right. As he leans in, You look away with a sad look. He bends down on his heels, looks up at you with a wondering face asking,
"Hey are you okay, (Y/N)?"
"I'm fine it's just that... nevermind..." You said. He puts his hands on your hips, grasping onto your body as he rests his forehead onto your forehead whispering,
"Please, Just tell me..."
You try to resist looking into his eyes but you can't help it, As you look up into his pretty eyes, You can see your reflection but you also can see his pupils getting bigger as he looks really deep into your eyes. His hands slide up onto your hips, As he strokes up and down you just blush and smile as you stroke his hair as you both look into each others eyes, smiling.
He leans in for a kiss, As his face comes into yours, You heard footsteps coming up stairs. You immediately push Jimin away as you run to open your closet door for him. He looks sad as he walks slowly towards you,
"Can I just hide under your bed or something?" He whispers. You nod with an yes as you stand near the door. He crawls under the bed and keeps his pretty little mouth shut. You heard a knock on your door as you heard a voice said, "Hey, (Y/N), Can I come in?"
"Yah!" You yell as you walk towards your closet to pretend like your doing chores. Your mother walks in,
"Hey ummmm....... Are you doing okay in school?" She asks you.
"Ye..Yeah. Why you ask?" You reply to her as you see her walking towards your bed to sit down. You immediately yell at her before she can start speaking her sentence.
"WAIT!!! Mom don't sit there!!!!" You yelled out. She stood up as she said "Why?"
"Ummm.... Because.... I just folded my blankets and I don't wrinkles on them." You said as you keep looking at your bed. You don't hear anything from Jimin, You get paranoid as you think (SNSD!!) of what Jimin will do after he gets out of the bed.
"Well, I was trying to tell you that... Your failing in Math..." She says. You heart completely drops thinking about your future as you look at the ground. Your mom walks up to you, pats your back and asks, "If you want, I can get you into a program or a tutor?" She offers.
"No thanks... I'm just gonna fail at life and instead of being a famous singer or a teacher or something, I'm gonna end up working at McDonald's or worse, Having no job." You told her with a shaking voice.
"How about a student at your school teach you?" She asks. You look at her with a blank expression as you nod a yes. She puts her hand onto your shoulder, Then leaves the room, closing the door behind her. You just have your back against the wall, your hands over your face as you start to tear up. You slowly slide down to a sitting position. You hear some ruffling noises but you don't bother to look up. You felt a presence on your shoulders. You felt a force pulling you in closer into their chest, making your head lean onto their shoulder. You heard a voice whispering,
"Hey, Don't cry, Your beautiful when you cry but... It's not fun to see someone cry, especially someone you care deeply about."
You look up at him with hot tear drops rolling down your cheeks. He wipes his thumb across face, wiping your tears away as he asks you,
"Why don't I teach you math? I'm advanced in math class. I'll be your tutor."
You look up at him and hug him tightly with you arms wrapped around his neck, pulling him in closer as you say,
"Thank You Thank You Thank You!!! Your the best Park Jimin." He pulls you back with a smile as he says, "Your welcome, Angel." You blush as you ask him, "Angel? How did you came up with that?" He looks at you as he holds onto your hand,
"Your an Angel because I truly believe that you were meant to be my guardian angel."
He explains to you before kissing your forehead. As he pulls back he sees your eyes sparkling and he starts to lean in, you felt his full, soft, plump lips touched yours. The kiss was all slow and soft but as you both continued, It started to get heavier and more passionate as his hands runs through your hair. He kept touching your earlobes as you were caressing the back of his neck. He pulls back to breathe as he smiles at you. He asks you,
"I probably should leave, I don't want your mom to freak out if she finds a boy making out with her daughter, Plus I'm not your boyfriend so she might question that." He points out.
"Yeah I guess your right.... But I'll miss you." You told him.
"I'll miss you too but I'll see you on monday at school, Or I can visit you tomorrow." He suggests. You nod woth a yes as you smile but then you realize something, What were his parents gonna think of when their son comes home after been missing for a day.
"Wait? What about your parents? Aren't they worried?" You ask him after being clueless and realizing that he hadn't been home for a day.
"Oh My Parents... They're on a vacation in Seoul, South Korea right now... My grandma is taking care of me but she sleeps a lot so I don't think she noticed that I have been gone." He informated you.
"Which is why I want to stay another night with you but I watch my grandma a lot since she's very clumsy. But I'll give you my number and I'll text you." He said.
You smile as you get up and ripped out a piece of paper to write out your number. You give him the paper and he stands up and hugs you as he gives you peck kisses, leaving a trail on your neck. He looks at you and asks,
"How am I supposed to leave without your mom seeing me?" You look around and you remember that your window can open. You run over to your window and open it, You see that the sun was setting. You turn around and ask Jimin, "Want me to walk with you?"
"Of course but I don't want you to walk back home in the dark alone, It's not safe for a gentle girl like you." He tells you as he holds your hand.
"It's okay, my mom can pick me up." You said. He smiles and gives you a peck kiss as he says, "see you on the other side." You help him crawl out of the window. "Be careful!" You yell out. He safely makes it down as he looks up at you, giving you a thumbs up.
You run out of your room to ask mom, "Can I go out and visit my friend?"
"Why? It's dark outside." She said. "But you can, But call me and I'll pick you up."
You smile as you walk out of the house and to see Jimin standing at the corner. You run(BTS!!!) over to him, You jump into his arms, catching you as he spins you in circles like they do in the movies. He sets you down, holds your hand and walks with you.
After about 20 minutes, He turns to you saying, "Well, Were here....So, I'll call you and I might see you tomorrow if not then monday." He hugs you tightly, pulls you back and kisses your cheek. "Hey, I know this is weird to say but I really like you and I would say I love you but that's a bit early. Let's just say see you later, Angel."
"Bye Oppa. I'll miss you." You tell him as you hold his hand.
"I'll miss you deeply...goodbye." He tells you as he starts walking away, letting go of your hand. He spins you around in a circle and now he has his arm around your waist. He smiles as he giggles, "Haha, Aren't I romantic?" He asks you.
"Ha, Yes you are..." You tell him. He starts kissing you, tickling you, being all touchy touchy. You push him away laughing. "OMG, Stop it!! I'm dying." You tell him laughing.
"Haha, Don't die on me, I need you (BTS!!! AGAIN OMG!!!) girl." He says as he pinches your cheeks.
"Okay, I got to go now Oppa, My mom is coming." You tell him.
"Okay, I'll miss you, Angel."
"I'll miss you too."
Sooner or later, Your mom arrives and sees you standing there all alone.
"Why are you over here?" She asks you.
"Oh nothing, I was just walking back home." You tell her, hoping that she knows nothing about Jimin.
Soon as you get home, You see that it's about 10:00, You heard a ding coming from your phone. You see that Jimin had texted you, "Hey Angel, I'm going to bed right now but I'll see you tomorrow and I"ll see you in my dreams goodnight.."
You responded back by saying, " Goodnight, I'll miss you too Oppa.."
Ugh he is such a bias wrecker!!! I love him to much!!
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