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Hello Community! The year's most complicated holiday is approaching, and you guys know what that means. Whenever it comes to this "holiday" I like to think that there are three types of people.

The couples

If you have a romantic partner of course you are going to be excited for this holiday. You and your partner will spend days in advance trying to schedule the perfect day. Couples are allowed to fill the air with love on this day. (but who cares about you guys?)


If Christmas didn't make you feel like you were a loser for not having at least a date then this holiday will make you feel like garbage. There are couples everywhere displaying PDA, singing to each other, eating at restaurants, lots of red (flowers, balloons, gifts), and just heart flying around left and right. It’s almost disgusting, right?


Being single doesn't get you a cuddle buddy, it doesn't get you a nice date in which you can do whatever you both decide on. It only brings bitter thoughts of resentment towards all those couples who do have dates. Which is bad because you might be pretending you don't care, maybe you really don't, but I think everyone can agree that seeing all those couples becomes exhausting to look at, and almost boring.

Why you should feel good about not having anyone on Valentine’s Day

You are not spending your money on reservations, dates and gifts. You can enjoy your day chilling in the comfort of your home or hanging out with your best friend. You can wash away the worry of not having to plan a month in advance for one insignificant day. You can catch some sleep, study, or do some reading. (For you nerds like me lol)

Singles 2.0: Me

I have never really cared for Valentine’s Day except for the fact that I like to bake for my friends some nice triple fudge cupcakes. The best thing about being me on Valentine’s Day is that I literally could care less for the day itself.

What do I do on Valentine’s Day?

Good thing this year this ordinary day falls on an ordinary Sunday because I get to watch all the anime I want, and play all the video games I want. If Valentine’s Day isn’t on a weekend then I’d just usually do the same old watch my anime and play video games because to me this day is not special. I sometimes fear the same will happen once I do have a significant other (guess I’ll leave it up to him). Guess what I am going to be doing this Valentine's Day. Watch DEADPOOL BABY!!!

Best Thing about Valentine’s Day?

For you singles like me it is not Valentine’s Day that matters. February 14th is not an important day for us; February 15th on the other hand is. You can go to the store and get 50%-75% off on all the chocolate and baking goodies they have. It may sound pitiful, but if you think about it: it’s almost like taking candy…from a couple.

What are you planning to do this Valentine's Day?Do you have any traditions you follow?

Well, my kids Birthday is the 13th, so we'll probably haul ourselves down to my moms place and celebrate with her. And if all grandkids understand one thing, birthdays and Valentines one after another means lots of Goodies. Because you know... it's a grandparents job to spoil their little grand-babes. So.. that's how our holiday/celebration will be. Lots of food, movies, presents and just being with family. In my opinion being single make that even better because there is more cake for me, tyvm. <3
Thanks! @AlloBaber @RaquelArredondo @SeoInHan He'll be 15, time flies. xD
@SeoInHan ..... *hides in corner* Way to make a guy feel old... *sniff* lol
@AlloBaber thank you so much lol I thought I perhaps answered the prompt wrong so I'm glad you enjoyed it. If you can't cook from scratch you can always cheat and buy the mix done for you lol @Danse Wah, your child is only 4 years younger than me!
Okay so... I fangirled hard for @SeoInHan while reading this card and I'm not afraid to show it. I kept track of my reactions in order and they are as follows: AHHHHH YESSS SO EXCITED!!!! OMG hahaha I love the "EAT MY FEELINGS AWAY" penguin and the "STOP" Jungkook lolol. Triple fudge cupcakes yesssssss I WANT SOMEEEE. And omg LOLLLL taking candy from a couple – TOO TRUE. POST VDAY SALE FOR THE WINNNNN. ...I'm so sorry. I couldn't stop the feels train. 😅😅😅😁😁😁😍😍😍 Anyway, this card is awesome!!! Thank you so much for your hard work!!!! :D
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