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Netizens claim Lay is essentially out of EXO

After missing multiple group events for his own solo activities, many fans are criticizing EXO‘s Lay.  Although it was originally about his poor acting skills, an article on Pannabout Lay has received a lot of attention online recently. Rather than focus on the post’s original topic, many netizens have responded to the post referring to Lay as a member of EXO, noting that he shouldn’t even be considered a member of the SM Entertainment group anymore because of his absence. Find out what Netizens had to say about this article below!
[+ 379, – 51] He prioritizes his solo career over EXO so I don’t even want to call him a member anymore ㅋㅋ It’s not like he’s the only one filming a movie the other 2 are present as ever even during shooting I don’t even know why he’s acting so special Q: If the director of “Revenant” casted you but it overlaps with EXO’s tour? D.O: Tour comes first. My roots are with EXO. I am here because of EXO and EXO is a unit. We all know how hard it is to have someone absent and I don’t want to burden the members. I don’t miss out on music activities but I am sorry when I miss other activities. [+ 341, – 45] He’s not ever with EXO so why call him EXO? D.O: We don’t have such a member!
people are so freaking petty first they support him one second then dis on him another. Hes been the most loyal to EXO always having to apologize for trying out new endeavors and adventure. He's a human being not a robot that supposed to obey your every whim! Let him be and do what his heart feels compelled to do.
I think it's funny that now when he's in the hospital that people want to talk shit, he's not going to leave them and he's a member just like the others
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