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Uh oh. We got some social media drama up in here and over something that some may be consider to be a bit trivial.  But trivial was the least thing on some EXO-L's minds, especially after they gained knowledge of Unicorn member Gayoung's seemingly harmless remark regarding EXO's Sehun. Gayoung had apparently said that she would like to be coupled up with the EXO maknae on the popular MBC reality program 'We Got Married.'  Soon after this remark went public, Gayoung's Instagram was flooded with hate comments. Her latest Instagram post, which is a clip from Adventure Time,' has over 4,000 comments, many of which seem to include a mix of hate and support toward the idol. While some left comments that went "I hate you," and other negative remarks, many others also left comments of encouragement and support such as, "I love you," "just don't worry about the negative comments!" "chin up angel," "you are beautiful and strong girl :)))," "fighting! you are the best," "Don't listen (to) them. We love you," and more positive comments.  We can only hope that Gayoung isn't too distraught by the comments and will coolly laugh them off like Beemo! 
I think her comment was cute about she wants to be with Sehun on we got married!!
Ugh why do people have to be like this?! It only makes Sehun and EXO fans look bad!!!