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NYC is kind of what everyone thinks about when they think about the East coast, we all know its true, so it only makes sense that we have AMAZING NOMS! The city might be small but it really is a melting pot of cultures, crazy ideas and rid takers. And our food mirrors that recipe to a T.
If you every visit or even are a resident of one of the 5 borough, you must make sure to hit all 5 of these noms....and many many more.

1. Dirty Water Hot Dog

It is the most famous street food in NYC. The dirty water hot dog might just be the greatest snack ever. I personally like mine fully loaded with sauerkraut, onion, ketchup, mustard, and relish.

2. Smorgasburg

Ok so not one specific food but the most insane, creative, food trucks you could ever find in one lot. Make sure you hit this food fest at least once and bring your fucking appetite! The ramen burger, fresh pulled mozzarella, and cali burritos with fries inside them is only the beginning.

3. These insane milkshakes

The picture should speak for itself. Find these crazy, perfect milkshakes can be found at Black Tap but be ready to wait around an hour for one. Its worth me.

4. Rainbow Bagels

I mean, we've always had the best bagels (although the Bronx might be a bit better), these Brooklyn bagels are absolute food (and taste) porn.

5. The Halal Guys

You will be waiting for your chance at this food truck but it is more then worth it for the best chicken over rice with white sauce you will ever eat. Its the greatest way to end a night out in NYC!
Great list! I'll be sure to these out! My friend Beth just loves halal so I'll have to take her to this "Halal Guys". Hopefully she'll accompany me, although she does prefer her halal from outside of our nearest CVS.
Smorgasburg looks amazing and Halal Guys are indeed amazing!