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A new rumor has started surrounding former EXO music band member Tao. If the rumor are true then, Tao’s father will inherit approximately $3Billion to his son. His father in a statement said that he does not mind if his son does stupidity and spends the money in a wasteful manner. According to Soompi, former Chinese EXO member Tao has surprised people by the property his father owns and now that he will be inheriting it. Around 20 billion yuan (approximately $3 billion) Yes, you read it right! It further reports that this news, which was earlier considered to be a rumor, received more attention since Chinese magazine printed a letter written by Tao’s father himself that clears all the doubts. The property of former EXO member Tao’s father includes at least four to five mansions in Qingdao alone, and according to him, the net value of his company in the capital of China, Beijing worth more than $3 billion. Another website called K-popism reports that in China the rich are exposed to the media. But in case of Tao and his family it is not true. In fact, many don’t even know the company he owns in Beijing. Moreover, there are not a good number of people who recognize his father as a rich person.
omg he could buy SM
but actualy he couldnt but that would be SO FUUNY