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I guess some of you might know I'm a minimalist. I love everything to be simple as i believe simplicity is the true elegance. This rule applies on my purchases for jewellery as well. Here are some ideal jewellery for minimalist out there !

By Boe

Stars, hearts, bows, letters: What shape do you want your jewellery in?

Leah and Kate

They are from Korean, and they have exquisite pieces of jewellery from earrings, rings, bracelet to necklace in more affordable price.


Treat yourself to a piece of Minoux’s “minimalist chic” jewellery. Like the model above, you’ll be tempted to get a ring for every single finger.
Prices are more expensive. They range from $48 to $292.
Here are some of my favourite. Hope you enjoy my post ! Check them out and let me know which is your favourite.
I like all of the rings:)
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@EasternShell I like Minoux , Leah and Kate the most ^^ So exquisite though their jewellery !
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