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This anime is just wow. it starts off kind of annoying but that only last for 1 episode, After the first episode it really takes off. The story takes place in Japan at Megurigaoka Private High School following Yuki Takeya and friends on their life in the school. She and her 4 friends along with a pet dog are in the school living club, with a teacher as an advisor, whose club activities cover a very wide range. I know the description is vague but bear with me and go check it out, it's only 12 episodes long and it's definitely worth the time. From here on out it's going to be spoilers so if you have yet to watch it please read no further, also watch out for the comments because the spoilers will talk about what happens throughout the show. Thanks for reading my first review and enjoy.
Reading past here will ruin the story for you.
I the death of taromaru holds up with that of Conan. Like he was so helpful and smart and funny and they decided to kill him off, as is tradition with zombie entertainment, you don't even get to see the dog he was trying to find, unless it was Megu-nee doing the barking. If somebody knows anything about that let me know.
Speaking of Megu-nee, sorry, I mean sakura. It was extremely interesting how they portrayed this character. I had a feeling she was already dead due to the fact nobody would acknowledge her until after Yuki did, but watching her death kind of caught me off guard it was put together so well. The fact that she planned the girls escape as a zombie was pretty wild earning her the most bad ass teacher award. She had everything planned from the finding the cure, biting taromaru so the girls would go looking for him, knowing that Kurumi wouldn't kill her, and letting Kurumi escape so the others would get the medicine all while being a zombie and that gives her the most bad ass zombie award.
Any ways thank you for taking the time to read my review, sorry if my grammar is a little messed up it's been a while since I wrote anything substantial. Let me know what you thought of the show, how you felt and how you think it will be expanded on if it gets a season 2.
Oh! I'm watching this!
1-5 were good but after that lost interest
@jeremimzy17 oh god I know how you feel. I was holding my beardie as I watched it.
At the saddest times when Yuki was getting ready to cry I tried so hard not to but when she did tears would not stop flowing
It's good!
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