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So me and @MattK95 have been having some concerns dealing with the increasingly smutty and inappropriate cards that have popping up in the K-Pop community recently.
Please do keep in mind that the K-Pop community is open to all ages. (I've even met 11yr olds who use this app!!)
So I please encourage you to not to post smuts or intense erotic screenshot games to the K-Pop communitiy.
For example if you're writing a Suga smut or creating a BTS dirty screenshot game you would post that in the BTS and Fanfiction community. But not in the K-POP community.
You can also create a private collection. This allows you to still post in the K-Pop community but makes it where only the people who follow that collection able to see your card.
Of course these are only suggestions. I can't force anyone to do anything. But for my fellow smut writers the Fanfiction community is a great place to roam free and express yourselves ^.^
I hope nobody take this personally or the wrong way. I have nothing against being naughty. Its just an issue that had to be addressed. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to message me ^.^

Keep On K-Popping Fellow Fangirls!!!<3

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Love this! I think keeping certain Fan Fic in the Fan Fic community is a good idea for everyone since nothing is stopping Kpop fans who want to read that content from going into Fan Fic :) I think that is a happy medium that we can all work with and it doesnt make Vingle any less fun! You rule @PrincessUnicorn (still getting used to the name change..poor Jin....HAHAHA) and @Mattk95 :D :D :D
Fan boy.....馃槄
I agree wholeheartedly. There's soo many smut stories popping up lately for some reason and I agree children shouldn't have access to such things. I think they should go in the fanfiction community ONLY.
I didn't know little people were on here. I agree. We should keep things appropriate, for everyone sake. I will admit to reading these cards. But I have been thinking lately that I should stop. :/
Like what @panouvang123 said, thank you for addressing that. I'm in my 20's and I'm not a fan of smut anymore (I'll be honest, I did use to read it). I'm glad there is a place for those that do like it.
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