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"Your so beautiful who are you?" He asked as he looked at her. "Who are you?" He asked looking at her. "Give me your heart and I'll show you." She said back.
**1423 A.D** Jackson was in the garden practicing his with his sword. If you watch him you could see how good and fast he was. The king too a very liking to him. He made Jackson into one of his private warrior. Jackson wasn't just the best he was the greatest. "Jackson sweetie come in and eat before you get tried." His mother said. He love his mother dearly. She was his sunshine on a cloudy day. "Coming Mother just let me practice this part the I will come in." He said to his mother. She smiled back at him. She watch as her son master his swordsmanship. "Gēgē!!" Bambam said running out to his older brother. "What Bambam I'm practicing." Jackson to him. "Can you teach me too?!" He asked. Jackson stop and looked at Bambam. "Every time I try you call and say I'm to harsh." He said. "No I don't I will work hard I promise." Bam bam cried. "No plus I don't have time to teach you anyway." Jackson said turning his back on Bambam.
**NOTE: couldn't find him with a sword other then this.** Jackson put down his sword and went in to the house. He saw the food on the table. He sat down with his sister and brother. "Gēgē how was practice today?" Your little sister ask. "Its was good baby I had a good day." He said back. She smiled at him, she got up and kiss him on the cheek. His mother came out with Jackson favorite rolls. "HERE sweetie have some." She said taking her chopstick and putting them on his plate. "Thanks mom." He said. "Mommy can I have some please." His little sister ask. She gave everybody one of the rolls. "If only your father was here this would be a good day." She said.
Here is a little bit of my Jackson story I hope you like it. @AimeeH @amandamuska @Emealia @Thepinkprincess @KellyOConnor @BBxGD @MichelleIbarra @Bitterlimelight @KpopGaby @Kpopandkimchi @AimeeH@amandamuska@BBxGD@Thepinkprincess@Emealia@Bitterlimelight@MadAndrea@AmoBigBang@SabrinaSakura@Amberg171997@UnnieCakesali@AmberRelynn@Libr0wneyes@BTSgotshinee@dayashel@CreeTheOtaku@Destiny1419@DominiqueThomas@KpopandKimchi@SugaonTop@B1A4BTS5EVER@Tinaechle@Scarletmermaid@Elisa@PretttyPatriciaS@Jen19gar94@Roxy1903@SarahVanDorn@moonchild03@Originalijacqui@Kyokeo@Saraoritiz2002@SierraBecerra@thatoneoutcast@oann99@zinzin123@Hurdkpop@KpopGaby @amandamuska @@AimeeH @@Thepinkprincess @Emealia @BBxGD @PrettieeEmm @VIPFreaks2NE1 @yaya12 @@ninjamidor @QueenaLee @amobigbang @KwonOfAKind
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@BBxGD I'm getting their but this is just the preview part its more to come and don't worry it's more to come and I was going to wait why his father died you'll know why but this is just a happy start just wait
@DeniseiaGardner ok ok. I'm ready
@BBxGD kk tomorrow I'm tried lol
Awesome work! Can't wait for more!