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Park Shi Hoo is a murderer??
After the success of ‘My Princess’ Man’ which received one of the highest viewership ratings, Park Shi Hoo is already back to work shooting his new action thriller film ‘I Am A Murderer’. Park Shi Hoo plays the murderer, Lee Du Seok, turned best seller author after writing about the crimes he’s committed. A fresh new series of murders puts him back on the detective’s (played by Jung Jae Young) radar. 'I Am a Murderer' will be helmed by PD Jung Byung-gil of action-comedy-documentary Action Boys, and starts shooting October 7. I’m excited to see the character he’ll created for this film. He’s mostly played the tortured guy conflicted between love and family (like in Ijimae, Queen of Reversals and The Princess’ Man). After the great work from ‘The Princess’s Man’, I’m sure he won’t disappoint :)
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like you very much shi hoo :) <3
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cute !!!!!!! ♥ :">
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