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Genre: Angst (Mature Content Warning) MAFIA!YOONGI+BTS
Members: Yoongi/ Suga; Reader (You); Jimin; Jungkook; Jin; JHope; Rap Monster; Taehyung
Part: 35/? Character Profiles | Video
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Summary:He had a goal and you were just one more person to crush to get to it.
Jin limped to your bedroom door, hands groping at the narrow hall walls for support. His foot ached, but they didn’t have anyone to treat it. It wasn’t like he could check into the nearest hospital either; Namjoon had men everywhere. Just the other day he had almost been caught by a scout stationed at the convenience store at the corner. All he had wanted was some painkillers for his foot. Now, Jaehwa was in charge of everything outside of the apartment, but Jin wasn’t so sure anymore.
His sister was alive. He needed to get to her; to bring her back to him safely. Jin didn’t want to send Jaehwa out to do it either; he could fail or be discovered to be in Yoongi’s organization and then how were they supposed to operate? The man had already made the mistake of selling tampered drugs to Namjoon; the last thing that needed to be found out was that he was also working for Yoongi.
Jaehwa had been initiated only for the sole purpose of watching over you while Jin crossed lines to get into Namjoon’s group. Just protection and someone for you to get attatched to incase Jin was killed, that was all he signed up for. Now he was singlehandedly supporting the entirety of the organization on his back while Hoseok and Jin watched. They wanted to be a part of it too, but they were technically dead. There was only so much the one man could do and Jin could see by his face that he was growing weary.
Jaehwa was only one man.
He couldn’t do everything.
Jin came to a stop in front of the light brown door, a fond smile coming to his lips at the photographs of you and him tacked to it. They were taken before you and and him had fought; right after your brother’s death. Jin didn’t think you had kept them. Admittedly, he had gotten rid of his copies, thinking at the time that his little sister was as dead to him as his older brother.
But it seemed you had still held onto him when he had given up on you.
He tried the door, not very surprised to find that it was locked. “Yoongi?” He called in, feeling the door frame for a key. His fingers brushed over it. Grabbing it, he unlocked the door entering the room and locking it behind himself. His eyes passed over the clean room, brows furrowed. You were always so messy when you two lived together under your parent’s roof. He never imagined you occupying a room that was so sparse.
Yoongi was seated at your desk chair, a stack of photos he was looking through in his hands. He was still shirtless, bright red scratches trailing down his back. Bare feet were pressed together, toes curled. His dark pants, damp and rumpled, clinging to his legs. He was frowning down at the pictures, eyes scrutinizing them. Biting his bottom lip as he stared at each image, he sighed, eyes blankly taking in every detail. He didn’t look up at Jin until he had finished them all and set the stack back on the desk.
“Why are you looking at her photos?” Jin questioned. What right did Yoongi have to do that? Yoongi shrugged,
“She told me about them.” He mumbled, “She explained every photo in here to me and now that I’m here..I figured I look at them.” Jin frowned. You had told Yoongi about your photos?
“When did this happen?” He questioned. Yoongi nodded, more to himself than Jin.
“After I went to talk to Namjoon Jimin took your sister and set the warehouse on fire.” He ran his hands over his tired face, “I don’t know how he even got to her with Jungkook glued to her side, but he did.” Jin neglected to mention that he was the reason Jungkook wasn’t by your side.
Yoongi scratched his chin,”Namjoon knew I was coming alone. The fucking treaty we had about not harming other bosses was a bunch shit out of his ass. He planned it; forced me to say I loved her or he’d kill her. I said I didn’t. She was drugged up and unconscious, I thought letting her die in her sleep would be better than whatever Namjoon had planned. But then he called Taehyung over and tried to wake her up. Taehyung was going to rape her so I caved.” The green haired man didn’t need to look up to see the rage brimming behind Jin’s eyes. It was practically palpable.
Jin settled back onto your bed, glaring at the ground. This whole time he had thought you were dead and you were in Namjoon’s hands. He could’ve been working to save you and instead he was devoting his time to trying to avenge you. Yoongi leaned forward elbows digging into his thighs as he stared down at his feet. “I’m sorry Jin.”
He blinked, shaking his head, “No, you were with her the whole time, right?” At Yoongi’s delayed nod, he continued, “I’m glad someone I trusted was there to keep her safe.”
“I didn’t keep her safe.” Yoongi uttered lowly, “Not until it was too late to matter anyway.”
“What do you mean until it was too late to matter?” Jin retorted, “You said she’s alive. You kept her alive..How is that not keeping her safe?”
“I think Namjoon was going to eventually traffick her.” He whispered, hands wringing together as his shoulders hunched, “And he used me to break her.”
Jin’s hands shook, unsure of how to react. He was angry, for sure. At himself, at Namjoon even at Yoongi and you. “I..” Jin bit his lip. He had trusted his older brother with Yoongi and he had gotten killed. Now his sister was hurt under his ‘protection’. He sighed heavily. At the end of the day Yoongi was family. He was trusted. “I trust you, Yoongi. You did what you had to do to keep you both safe-”
“Not at first.” He stressed slowly. He didn’t want to say it outright, but Jin wasn’t understanding. Yoongi hadn’t protected you when it matter most. He had made the wrong choice and you suffered for it. “At first I said no.” He mumbled, “So he drugged her and sent in Taehyung.” Yoongi hit the flat of his hand against his temple, “I said no like a fucking idiot! Like Namjoon was just kidding the whole damn time and then he sent in Taehyung. And I couldn’t do a thing with those damn two brutes holding me down the whole time..”
Jungkook’s hand slid up your thigh he held up against his hip, a smile upturning his lips, “Are you scared, baby?” He lightly patted you, “How scared are you? Jimin scared? So I get you to shoot yourself? Taehyung scared..? So I can convince you to jump off a cliff?” The hand on your hip slid down to your other thigh, applying light pressure, “Or are you Yoongi scared? So I can get you to spread your legs..?”
You bit your fist, eyes shut firmly, “Please stop, Je-”
“How scared are you?” He pressed.
“I’m just scare-”
“Scared like you are of Jimin? Or Tae?Or fucking Min Yoongi? I trusted you! Jimin said that Yoongi had kissed you and I defended you! I said you’d never kiss him on your own free will! Not only were you kissing him,” He gripped your hands, holding them down at your sides, “You were fucking him. So what did Yoongi do? Hmm? To get you to let him touch you? Because I’ve been trying and you keep telling me no.”
He fell silent, waiting for your answer. Rough hands, moved your arms, holding them against your chest. With his free hand he pinning your hips down, “Did he hold you down with force?” He asked viciously, “Is that all I have to do? Did he sweet talk you? Want me to compliment your hair? I don’t understand, Y/N. I don’t understand how you could betray me like that. I was with you from day one. You thought I was pissed at you because you wanted to protect Jimin, the man who killed my mom and tried to rape you. Imagine how pissed I am that you willing slept with the guy who tried to kill me. The guy you tried to leave me for; the one you think you’re protecting.” He saw the look on your face, “I love you. You’re fucking mine, not Yoongi’s.” Jungkook’s hands slid from your body as he cracked his knuckles,
”Did he hit you?” He asked slowly, “Until you said yes..?” He leaned forward, palms pressing down on your shoulders. “Why don’t you open your legs for me, baby?”
“You’re just like them!” You screamed, prying his hands off you, “He forced me!” You shrieked, “Jimin forces me and I don’t know what else to do to stay alive but listen to them! I’m terrified of them, Jungkook! They want to hurt me. I kissed Yoongi because I wanted to go with him, okay?!” He sat back at that, jaw clenching tightly,” I didn’t want you to hurt Yoongi, I’ll admit it. He was the only protection I had in that room from everyone else who wanted to hurt me more! Even after that damn room I wanted to go with him!” You sat up, trying to shove him off your leg, but he was much heavier and stronger than you. Despite the confused look on his face, he stared down at you in mild disbelief.
You were locked in a room. What kind of fucking protection did you need?
“Because even though I love you,” You strained,”..staying with you -where Jimin and Namjoon and Taehyung are all at- is going to get me killed and I don’t want you to go through that. You see how Jimin is; how much he’s hurting because of his girlfriend. I can’t make you happy because whether we admit it now or not, someone here is going to kill me. You can’t be with me at all time, Jeon, you know that. I know that. And they know that. But I was confused..I didn’t know what to do; so I chose you. Like I always do.” Your face was flush in anger, breath uneven as you angrily stared up at the stars. He was so caught up in you and Yoongi and sex that he was completely overlooking who had put you two in there in the first place. Unsure of how he reacted because you couldn’t even look at him, you figured that this was one more of your speeches that he was going to ignore.
“Dammit Y/N-” He cursed. And there was that tone. That tone he used when you had upset him. When he felt that you were wrong.
Or when he knew he was wrong.
So what? He was going to apologize and talk about how he didn’t know. Then spew on about how he would never hurt you and he just wanted to protect you. You laughed bitterly, Jungkook has said you were the manipulative one, but he was even worse.
He was just waiting for the right moment to let it show.
“I should have jumped off that damn cliff.” You hissed, covering your mouth with your hands, “I should have jumped, I’m so fucking stupid. I should have jump-”
He glared at you, “Shut up.” Jungkook’s jaw clenched when you kept repeating it, “Fucking shut up!” You had said so much that he needed to process and you talking about the cliff was distracting him. His eyes burned. He was too aware of his body weight pressing into you. In that room you were forced.
And what the fuck was he just doing?
He looked away from you, “..I..What do you mean he forced you? He raped you?”
“I should’ve j-”
“Shut the hell up about the damn cliff! Answer me! Yoongi raped you? What the fuck happened in that room?” Namjoon said you two were just trapped in there; free to do whatever you both wanted as long as you didn’t leave. He didn’t want to believe that you had slept with Yoongi but with how you acted when you left the room and the marks; he assumed you wanted it. He never thought Yoongi would do that.
But that’s probably where Jimin learned it.
He angrily grabbed your hand, jerking it away from your face. He thought he had you pegged, but there was so much he was missing. You really had almost went with the man who raped you so Jungkook wouldn’t have to suffer through you being killed by someone here? You didn’t want him to turn out like Jimin that badly? Did you really care for him that much? Weren’t you terrified of Yoongi after what he did to you?
You were probably just as terrified of him as everyone else.
You were only mumbling how you should’ve killed yourself and it made his heart sink. You said you loved him; you weren’t allowed to leave him. Jungkook shook you, fingers pressing into your skin until you caved. “Namjoon.” You gasped, trying to pull away from him. Jungkook froze. Namjoon?
“Namjoon raped you?”
He watched as you shake your head, “He sent notes.” You sobbed, “At first they were tolerable..like to just kiss or talk, but one day it said for us to sleep together.” Jungkook’s brows furrowed in confusion. Why would Namjoon order you and Yoongi to have sex? He could feel you trembling under his touch and his blood pressure rose.
He felt like he was in the warehouse all over again; forced to watch Jimin put his hands on you. The only thought on his mind was why? Why would Namjoon want that? “Yoongi wouldn’t. He said no.” You hiccuped, “I said no too.” He frowned. If you both refused then how had you gotten raped by him?
At the look of fear on your face, Jungkook was about ready to tell you to stop. He had been so forceful in getting you to tell him and that now that you were, he wanted you to stop. Namjoon had practically raised him. He knew that Jungkook was in love with you; he wouldn’t do something like this. Namjoon always said he wanted him to be happy. He was happy with you, why would he ruin that? Jungkook had never seen you so shaky before. You were starting to scare him.
He didn’t want to know what happened in that room.
“Y/N, stop-”
He didn’t want to know now.
“You wanted to know!” You screamed, “Didn’t you!? You were going to force yourself on me to get me to tell you, right!? Because despite all that shit you said, you still think of me as some cheap whore spreading my legs for Yoongi like I wanted to! Like I had a choice!” Your fists were pounding against his chest in anger, but he let you. He deserved it. He had hurt you again. “I had as much a choice with him as when you were forcing yourself between my legs a few minutes ago! You wanted me scared of you and you got it, Jungkook! I’m as scared of you as I am everyone else!”
You were scared of him, but now he didn’t want that. He thought you had somehow breezed your way through since you arrived; somehow skimming through day by day virtually unharmed. And honestly, he was envious. His time here had been nothing, but pain and he wanted you to feel it to some extent. But you weren’t exempt from the pain like he thought. You were getting hurt like everyone else here and it wasn’t something he could bandage up.
He couldn’t kill someone and make this better for you. He couldn’t stop the mental pain, he could only make it worse.
And he had.
He shook his head, silently pleading for you to be silent. He didn’t know. He honestly didn’t know. Stop accusing him of being like Yoongi or Jimin; he wasn’t like them. He was better than that. He loved you. “Stop.” He whispered. He wasn’t them, he wasn’t going to force himself on you. He just wanted you to want to be with him as much as he wanted to be with you.
“I only remember waking up..I didn’t even feel like I was in my own body, everything felt different.. And Yoongi was crying.” You choked, “He said it had to do it; Tae was there smiling. Yoongi said he had to..” Jungkook moved away from you, snatching his hat from his head and tossing it to the ground as he walked in a circle on the rooftop. It was out. He didn’t want to hear but you told him. You were raped in that room and he had haughtily spoken as if you were begging for Yoongi in there.
And he had no idea what to do.
Hunched over, with his hands on his knees, he tried to take even breaths, but his heart was pounding too rapidly. He felt dizzy. Namjoon cared for him, he put Jungkook’s best interests at heart..Why had he ordered this to happen? Jungkook looked over at you, “Namjoon..Namjoon ordered Yoongi to rape you? And he did? While Tae watched?” He trusted them. They were his family.
Why would they hurt him like this?
Yoongi raped you in that room and not even a few days free and Jungkook was prepared to do the same on the rooftop. He was angry. He was hurt. He was burning with rage. He stood up straight, sighing heavily to calm himself. There was so much he had to do now, but only one thing stood out the most to him at the moment,
“Yoongi raped you.”

@Isolate yo ik exactly what you mean
this story got me more than any story ive read recently xD even published books dont make me feel as much as this story like daym
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