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So my brother works at a gas station and when he came home he told my mom and I about his day.
Him: I had some Ching chongs come in today that didn't speak a lick of English Me: what kind? Him: *says a racist joke* Me: I mean what language was it? Did the day ni hao, konichiwa, or annyeonghasayo? Him: the last one Me: they were Koreans. Him: oh Me: usually the have a translator. Him: oh they did I say some white guy talking to them in there language and I looked at him weirdly and he just looked at me and said "wassup?" Then was helping them buy stuff then was like "hey dude you got a bathroom key?" Then left me alone with them for a good 15 mins while he took a deuce. One of dudes was trying to put a bunch of different burritos in the microwave and put it for 5 hours. Me: I could have been useful a little haha Mom: annyeongsayo?! What's that mean? Me: annyeongHAsayo. It means hello. Mom: that's one hell of a long way to say hello.
They just don't understand haha
๐Ÿ˜‘ The literal translation is, "Are you in peace?" I'm sorry, I know that's your family, but I'm already fed up with with the onion jokes from my dad. ๐Ÿ˜ก I can elaborate a little more if you'd like. โ˜บ
@drummergirl691 I'm used to it. Only the younger kids in my family aren't racist. I just find their ignorance funny