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This Sunday, we will have our 50th Super Bowl Champion.

And so for Final Countdown Friday, I've prepared a card looking at some of the 50th champions in sports other than the NFL. You will definitely recognize most of these teams! Let's take a look!

NBA: 1995-96 Chicago Bulls

That's right. The Chicago Bulls that currently holds the record for most wins in a single season with 72-10. That record could possibly be broken this season by the Golden State Warriors. We'll have to wait and see about that.
When the Chicago Bulls beat the Seattle Supersonics four games to two in 1996, Michael Jordan and the Bulls became the 50th champion of the NBA finals.

MLB: 1953 New York Yankees

The Yankees were already an empire at that point as they sealed their 16th World Series title in 1953. The 1953 World Series was the 50th World Series in baseball, which means that the Yankees won sixteen of the fifty World Series. They would go on to win eleven more.
The 1953 Yankees beat the Dodgers for the title. The Yankees lineup consisted of the legendary Yogi Berra, Micky Mantle, and Whitey Ford.

NHL: 1975-76 Montreal Canadiens

The Stanley Cup is actually the oldest trophy in professional sports in North America. There actually was another 50th Stanley Cup in 1942 which went to the Toronto Maple Leafs. But the 1976 Stanley Cup was the 50th one after the NHL took over.
In 1976, the Canadiens swept the Philadelphia Flyers, which was also the first four-game sweep in the Stanley Cup.
Now it's time to decide the 50th champion in the NFL.

Who will become the champion for Super Bowl 50? The Broncos or Panthers?

Let's get pumped for this Sunday!!!