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so everybody's talking about one topic... v day this v- day that !!
I said we kill v-day ,kill it with fire !
because well ☝ that pretty much explains it .
and that ☝
so is that ☝
so there you have it ,my opinion on v day ps: this card was strictly written just because I'm bored and have nothing to do..
"I like that tree. That's a nice tree." XDDD @ebethoven I love it. I'm glad you've shared your adorable bitterness with us all ^_^ It's healthy!!!
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@AlloBaber haha well thanks glad you appreciated
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It's ok to be single! I still really enjoy Valentines Day even though I'm going to be alone. lol. :)
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@ebethoven hahaha I guess you're right's not that bad to be alone
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