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Joe Alaskey taking his final bow.

Famous voice actor Joe Alaskey passed away Wednesday, February 3 at the age of 63 after losing the fight against cancer.
The information was confirmed by a family member of Alaskey's to CNN. Alaskey's voice has been an iconic staple of the famous characters Bugs Bunny, and Daffy Duck. His credits also include Tweety Bird, Sylvester the Cat, Plucky Duck, Grandpa Lou Pickles on Rugrats. However, cartoons were not his only forte. He played Jackie Gleason in the TV movie "King of the World" and the voice of Richard Nixon in "Forest Gump".
In 2004, Alaskey won an Emmy for his performance on Cartoon Network's "Duck Dodgers". There is no doubt that Alaskey was talented and it's truly ashamed he died so early. Fans across the globe mourned over his loss noting that they felt that they lost a piece of their childhood. New voice actors replace characters all of the time though the new voice will never be truly authentic.
However, Joe Alaskey's memory will live on for generations to come through the happiness his characters bring to others.

Rest In Peace, Joe Alaskey.

Noooo voice actors are everything too me
Rest in peace.....this is really sad :(
Noo 馃槩馃槹 I'm just speechless!!!
Wow, I can't believe he was only 63!! Was he the original voice for those characters??
we're sad to see you go!