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So these results are rated 'R'! If you aren't 18+ or able to handle these kinds of things DON'T READ!!!! That's all.
Aww my bias of BTS. So sweet. ^^
Sneakily fingers you under covers in the living room while you are all watching a movie I never would have guessed you to be this naughty Jin... ;)
Jimin that feels very nice....
Give me some Suga.... XD
He is being sexy again!!!!
We can't be too loud, can we?
Jungkook your a little romantic aren't you?
Pulls you onto his lap and gives you hickeys, while asking you to call him daddy. Now I don't mind the hickeys but I wouldn't call him daddy. ( I'm older than all of BTS, Jin by months, and would feel weird. Sorry!)
Namjoon can do whatever he wants to me.
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I am so feeling hot right now *starts fanning myself*
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@jessicaacosta90 I know! I had to put water on my face.
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@loftonc16 These boys need to calm down 😱
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