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I know when I post my favorites I tend to leave out the female artists. Don't get me wrong I love ALL of Kpop! So here is a short list of just a few of my favorites!
#1 AOA miniskirt I will always love this one! It was one of the first female Kpop songs I ever listened too!
#2 CL hello bitchez I play this DAILY and it helps that it's mostly English so I can sing along!
#3 GIRLS GENERATION you think Boy you ain't cooler than me!
#4 HYUNA roll deep I freaking love dancing to this song!
#5 F(X) 4 walls That music video though I have so many questions....
#6 GAIN paradise lost Oh my god! This song is definitely one of my most favorite Kpop songs ever!
Bonuses! These three songs are so beautiful and I just had to include them! 1. Hopeless love by Jimin Park. 2. I by Taeyeon 3. Gone by JIN
Plus I had to add this one because EXO IS IN IT AND THEY ARE FREAKING ADORABLE!!!
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@ashleyemmert I have all her songs from the album she just put out.
love is four waaAAaAaAAAAAaaAAalls
@ScarletMermaid I love AOA too! @kpopandkimchi 馃槀馃槀馃槀
I love this list!
Queen Hyuna slays my life