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This brings back so much WoW nostalgia for me because it shows just how absurd epic gear gets. (Except I'm a girl. And every time I played as a female, my toon would somehow get progressively more naked. But that's a card for another day.)
Does anyone still play? Did anyone used to? Are you guys excited for the new WoW movie? I've got to admit that the trailer looked all sorts of boss.
@ButterflyBlu Nothing at all. I logged off. Went to log in a week later, and I couldn't. I contacted Blizzard, and they say that I was banned for leveling up too fast. And to get me reinstated, I would have to have supplied them with a copy of my driver's license and birth certificate. I said fuck that. I wasn't giving them all of that info for a video game.
@Danse At like the 1:30ish mark, it shows Lothar being all into this orc chick and I was like OoOoO scandal.
I know I'm curious about it( the movie, not the game), but my son is definitely on the WoW bandwagon. O_O
@ThePervySage really?! A birth certificate?!! Dude, that blows. :( That's really too bad. We could have had so much fun and become best frie- wait. That depends. Important question. Alliance or horde? -_-
@ButterflyBlu Do you play? I used to until I was banned.
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