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This brings back so much WoW nostalgia for me because it shows just how absurd epic gear gets. (Except I'm a girl. And every time I played as a female, my toon would somehow get progressively more naked. But that's a card for another day.)
Does anyone still play? Did anyone used to? Are you guys excited for the new WoW movie? I've got to admit that the trailer looked all sorts of boss.
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@ThePervySage THAT IS INSANE. How did you level up so fast away? Are you just really good at grinding through shit?
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@ButterflyBlu Yeah that was a bit much. And kids play this game too. So they're going to ask this of kids and their parents too?
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@danidee This was like 10 years ago. I had some more spare time on my hands. I also had been playing for a year, maybe a bit less. I should have been higher in level.
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@ButterflyBlu Oh, and Alliance. I was a Dark Elf rogue.
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I play , I'm on a break right now but I've been playing for a while... have to make sure I don't have to many obligations before I buy time for the game that how bad I am with it lol I love it so much, it all started from Ultima online for me..but yeah I saw the movie twice already and it'd just so beautiful!!! and they dedicated a group to making sure every area , building etc was identical inside and out to the game
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