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My favorite (and probably most dangerous) food for all day studying is ramen. Nothing like a big bowl of quick sodium to keep you going. It blends well with the sweat and tears that comes with doing problem sets all day. I hate studying. Much rather do a paper. Honestly though– what is it about ramen that is so addictive? I'll need to detox after the study period is over. Detox and sleep: The two words that are getting me through this week.
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@tapsamai agree wholeheartedly. I even arranged the ingredients. Better still if there is a home made base soup to start with. Then you neednt have to add too much of their msg soup seasoning.
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Me , I will add some leek or cabbage then egg...It's yummy.
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@Annevine yes the egg is very important ... without it, it is not complete. : )
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@oj1992,I agree,.but recently I like Salt Ramen the most with a lot vegetables....It's so yummy.
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oh man that looks like such good comfort food for a day like today. It's rainny and a little bit chilly and that ramen looks so warm and full of flavour!
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