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I woke up, my jaw was numb, there was a line down my neck that felt like it was once wet, and had dried, and Jay was standing over me. He was crying, his little face blubbering and sniffing trying to keep the snot from running down his face. Gross. I sat up, my head was pounding like mad. Jay was still crying. Why the hell does he keep crying? "Jay. Stop crying. " I said tired and soar. "Sami....I thought you were dead! Don't scare me like that! Jerk!" His per mature voice was high in my ears like a dog whistle. "Jay, just because you stopped crying now doesn't mean it's time to whine." I groaned as my headache was getting worse making me more agitated. "Are you alright?" I asked my voice getting a bit softer as I realized why was I out here. Jay's face had a baid-aid on it. I smiled. They may of hurt him, but I got here in time before they could hurt him even more. Jay nodded letting me know he was ok, because he was too busy crying again. "Hey, stop it." I said pulling him into my lap, and wiping his tears Jay is only eight, while I was 10, and our mother had just passed away. Jay's been crying a lot, and because of that kids have been picking on him calling him a cry baby. That's why I'm here. I was walking to his school when I saw him fighting with 3 other third. They got him good. Punched him in the face pretty hard. I winced, as Jay was wiping some of the blood from my face. "Don't...." I whined. He giggled. "Now look who's whining." He smiled. "Haha...very funny." I  said squeezing his nose in between my hand. "Let's go we have to hurry home. Dad might need help watching Camille." He nodded getting up, and we started on our way home. "Sami." Jay called. I liked down at him, and he was looking up at me. "Yeah?" "Is mom going to hell?" I stopped. "Jay, why would you say that?" Jay looked down at the floor as we walked. Every step seemed heavier, and Jay wouldn't speak to me for a while. " The kids that beat me up said that everyone goes to hell, because everyone sins. So everyone is going to hell." what crazy....I'm going to have to kick their asses tomorrow too. "Are we going to hell, Sami." "Jay, we're not going to hell, and neither is mom. Why would you listen to those idiots?" "It seems like it made since." He grumbled, looking away from me. "Well idiots think alike." I mumbled. He hit my leg since he was so short. "I'm not an idiot, jerk!" He yelled and I chuckled. "Hey Sami, your hair is pink." "Huh?" I said, putting my hand in my hair and noticing the blood." Well, shit." "No it's gonna stain! I don't want it to stain!" He whined, gripping onto my leg. "It's not gonna stain." I reassured." And quit stabbing your nails with my legs. His eyes started to water again." I don't want it to stain like that. Then I'll always remember the day I got you beat up." I sighed." Then I'll dye it." He sniffed." Really? What color?" I shrugged." I don't know. What color do you think." He smiled." Black like mine, but maybe blue like cam's" "Blue and black huh." I said looking at my bangs that had blood dripping from them. "Alright."
@KiraHitomi it's ok just take your time relax I'm sorry
I've been waiting so longggggg
@Kaidon no no no 1. Either make a new character 2. Or ask the original artist if they can work for us.
@KiraHitomi yeah hey og artist can we totally use your hard worked on sketch for our own purpose and change him totally? Thanks man!
@Kaidon we can change the way they look just a bit XD or we can get in contact with the original artist XD
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