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Yall ready? I have no idea whats going on with this gif...
SO SASSY!!GO GO!! get it ? no? Ok...jijiji
I have to leave the best for last of course!! I actually dont know anything at all about this group. But i started to listen to them this morning and i fell in love. Im new to this group. I basically focused in their music and they are so talented i want to know more, Honestly i think that eventually they are going to become one of my main groups! If any of you would like to share your knowledge with me about them just message me pretty please! i would love to get some help from you vingle fam! Please Please.
Is he the choreographer? cause if he is then im loving his move, i think we should pare up one day! Let me know if you want to be added or removed from the tag list please! I love you.
Be the suga to the kookie!
jinwoo....KILLS ME
@MaeLyn check this out!
@kpopandkimchi this is how I found Immature. This album is the first time I've listened to anything of WINNER's and from Baby Baby, I'm Young, Sentimental, and Immature, I'm surprised I never checked them out before
@MaeLyn I know. This is the first album I've listened to, and I was asking myself why I never bothered to check them out. Today I'm making research about them !!! 😂 I'm so exited to get to know more about this awesome group😊