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I've stumbled upon a channel on Pandora that plays the opening themes of animes! I've heard to some cartoon (as in English) theme songs also, plus lots of Hatsune Miku's vocaloids. So far, I've heard opening themes so I'm not positive if they play closing themes or not, but still I'm hyped about being able to to get motivated by my favorite anime theme songs!!! P.S. Crossing Fields is the opening to Sword Art Online.
Actually it's the first First Opening to Season 1 the Death Game Arc lol
The Gun Gale arc? @BlackoutZJ
No the SAO Death Game Arc @xuannhi26 lol
Oh my bad it's been a while since I last saw it lol @BlackoutZJ
@xuannhi26 it's all good lol its been awhile since I've seen it too but I have that song on my phone and I listen to it while working out lol