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This wasn’t a typical fan meet and greet, the group stood at the top of a short flight of stairs in the park; the crowd was minimal and gathered around the stairs. Large outdoor heaters, like you would see in a grape vineyard, created a circle around everyone. While it was still cold, the heaters kept the ‘bite’ out of it. Looking around at all the Koreans with coats unzipped, some with no gloves you had to wonder if it was just you because everyone else seemed acclimated.
When you arrived at the entertainment company this morning, Rap Monster and V said nothing, like last night hadn’t happened and they didn’t know you. Their manager introduced the group to you and Jimin. You can see that was what they wanted as they nod towards you. However, shouldn’t all the guys know you? Many times while skyping or texting, they walked by or stopped and chat for a minute. Granted, you can’t see someone you’re texting and the skypes were few and far between due to time challenges.
As directions are given to Ken; the supplies, and the group are loaded into their van. You catch Suga staring at you like he might know you, just can’t figure out how. When he catches you returning his stare, he simply raises his left eyebrow and walks away. Just as Jin is about to climb in the van he suddenly turns to RM pointing at you. RM just smiles, so Jin slugs him and gets in.
No one else has even spoken to you and Jimin as they are busy doing what idols do best. Aegyo, smiles, bowing to the older fans and in a rare moment, maybe a handshake. You watch the crowd as they walk past the guys in line on their way out to the street. Responses and actions towards the idols are what will make this article on your blog a hit. A ‘Big Hit’ hopefully, as you smile at your own pun. If the guys believed in you enough to have upper management bring you here, you were going to make it the best you could.
In America if you had a chance to meet the band it would only be at concerts and only after you buy an expensive back stage pass, along with your concert ticket. Here it seems that the group tries to set up meet and greets several times a year, along with concert meet and greets. Each one seems to take the time to really look at each fan and make them seem important. Wow, what would Hollywood and the music world in the USA be if artists treated fans the same way. You’ve heard about the major creepers and sick freaks that are called anti-fans. Those that try to hurt and even kill the idols. In the US they are simply called stalkers, it seems you can’t escape crazy no matter where you are in the world.
Your Line app goes off as you hurriedly write notes in your notebook. Popping your pen in your mouth you reach in your coat pocket and grab the phone.
“You look cold, I’m happy to warm you again” with a devilish emoji.
You smirk as you glance up at the line of fans, only to notice that they are gone. You must have been caught up in your own little world that you totally missed the end. All the guys have phones in their hands and are looking down at their screens.
“Up to company again tonight? Ahead of schedule and should be done early.”
Even from your distance you can see the smirk on V’s face and the seriousness on Rap Monsters. You can play this little game if that was what they wanted. Your face morphs into a wicked grin and you start shooting answers back.
“You do make a really yummy heater,” you respond and look up just in time to see V’s eyes open wide and then a short laugh come out.
Rap Monster’s turn, “Company? Again? Aren’t we hanging out enough with them throughout the day?” Rap Monsters face split into a grin and he shakes his head at the private joke.
V’s response comes in while you are responding to RM.
“Is ditto? Name place, time, will always come.” You choke. Your mind is so in the gutter that you just put a double meaning to his text. Well your mind isn’t the only one in the gutter as you get back; “yes that way too” with a wink emoji. Hmm, who knew? You two have been teasing each other constantly over the past year, he has even tried to get you to this level but you are always afraid to let him see this side of you.
Incoming from Rap Monster; “Agreed, much too much company around today. Three sounds like a good number right now, or just two?”
Glancing across the park you see Namjoon, nervously flipping his phone, just the smallest of bounces in his leg. His head is over towards Jungkook, making a comment about something on his game.
This is not a decision you are ready to make, not a decision you ever thought would be present in your world. Pick between Namjoon and Taehyung? How does that even work?
I'm so hopeless... my mind has been doing backstrokes in the gutter since the little sleepover lol😈
Omo!!!!!😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 Oooh Rap Monster want to be alone with her.😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳 Taehyung is so innocent and cute.😄😄😄😄😄😄😄 I got a bad feeling about this.😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞