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[VOTE NOW!] Nakama Choice: Best Female Supporting Character

It's time to vote for the best female supporting character, Nakama!

To catch up on all of the Nakama Choice Awards: click right here!
(Thanks to my fellow support members for making this happen - @tbell2 @VoidX @TylerDurso @Danse @InVinsybll )

And the nominations are....

*please note that some suggestions weren't used because they are main, not supporting, characters!

1. Misa Kurobane from Charlotte

2. Kiki from Snow White with the Red Hair

3. Tsugumi from Nisekoi

4. Yuzuki Fuwa from Assassination Classroom

5. Kofuku from Noragami

That's it! Voting is open!

Which girl is the Best Supporting Female?

Comment your votes.

The voting will be open for this category until Feb. 18th 2016!
Tagging those who commented on the nominations card, plus some Nakama!
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